Monday, August 30, 2010

What Boredom Does to Me

it is such a pain
Especially when my brain
Is acting like a drain
And letting nothing sane
Stay inside my brain

If only I had a cane
To spank those who are my bane
Or a very tall crane
from which I could see Spain
Or a bottle of champagne
And no need to abstain
Or people who are vain
that I can hit with my cane

But alas I have no cane
Nor a crane or champagne
So I am constrained to remain
in this state of boredom.

I could continue in this vein
And write something even more inane
Or instead, you could entertain
A friend bored out of her brain.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Agonising Wait

We met last week,
I was so nervous,
I was trusting you
With the centre of my life.

You promised to call,
You promised to be ready,
Today was to be the day,
What a fail.

When I call you, I get no news,
Only bland, apathetic assurances,
Getting angry solves nothing,
How do you make me feel so helpless?

Life without you is empty,
Incomplete, boring, difficult,
Please understand my feelings,
Don't keep me waiting.

O Sony, return to me my Vaio,
It's been ten days, I can't give you more time.
Don't lose my data, don't mess up my hard drive,
And please, please don't take two weeks.