Monday, January 16, 2012


She is a journalist
During protests and movements
During elections and Emergencies
During poverty and abuse
During war and violence
During arrests and investigations
She is the truth.

She is a writer
Of realistic characters in realistic worlds
Of partying students and dreamy intellectuals
Of stories of friendship and ambition
Of murder mysteries and action-packed thrillers
Stories to get lost in
She captures you.

She is a musician
Uncontrollable, irresistible
Intense, all-consuming
Overwhelming melodies.
Real feelings, true stories
You will always remember
The first time you heard her play.

She works in the government
She listens, she cares
She researches and studies
She takes a stand, the right one
She investigates and prosecutes
She implements policy and programmes
She is change.

The Suit

I found a formal jacket yesterday
After looking in every shop I know
Smart, black, two buttons
And it fit perfectly.

They stitch custom suits too
So I got measured for a skirt
And a matching jacket
In sharp, icy grey.

I’ll have the suit on Saturday
I have the enthusiasm now
I’m ready to start a career
All I need is a job.