Friday, September 16, 2011

Too Much

There’s just
Too much to learn
Too much to study
Too much to read
Too much to know

Too much to think
Too much to see
Too much to do
Too much to write

Too much to feel
Too much to accomplish
Too much to change
Too much to fix

Such little time
So much frustration
I’ll never finish it all
Because it’ll never end

The hour I just spent watching TV
Was such a waste of time.


The thing I want the most now
The thing that seems the hardest to find

The paths leading to it have been built
I need not find the road less travelled
I just want to find the highway

Confusion doesn’t suit me
In courses, jobs, decisions, friends
It makes me stupid and frustrated

I want to make informed decisions
Randomness or baseless analysis doesn’t suit me
But I don’t have the information I need.

There don’t seem to be any street lights
Highways never do have any, I’ve noticed
I have to find the highway without a map

I’ll stumble around, take a few wrong turns
I will eventually find clarity, I know
I’d just rather it be now, than five, ten years from now.