Friday, September 16, 2011


The thing I want the most now
The thing that seems the hardest to find

The paths leading to it have been built
I need not find the road less travelled
I just want to find the highway

Confusion doesn’t suit me
In courses, jobs, decisions, friends
It makes me stupid and frustrated

I want to make informed decisions
Randomness or baseless analysis doesn’t suit me
But I don’t have the information I need.

There don’t seem to be any street lights
Highways never do have any, I’ve noticed
I have to find the highway without a map

I’ll stumble around, take a few wrong turns
I will eventually find clarity, I know
I’d just rather it be now, than five, ten years from now.


Anonymous said...

I love the second last stanza. 'Highways never do have any". Brilliant. I like. The entire thing. The last two stanzas the most.

Vaishnavi Nair said...

The previous comment stole mine.
I love the last two stanzas and that one line. So darned real.

Sumedha said...

Sonu and Vaish: Thanks! I appreciate the appreciation. :)