Sunday, July 20, 2008


Next month, I will be starting college in Singapore Management University. I considered many different things before finally deciding to go, listed several reasons to stay. Recently, I realised that one thing I will miss out on in Singapore is the discomfort of Indian hostel life. My hostel in Singapore is air-conditioned, as are the classrooms and all the other college buildings. I have to share a bathroom with only two other girls; the 'hostel' is actually an apartment building, so I will have a fridge and a microwave in my apartment (that I will be sharing with five other girls). I won't learn to live on crappy food, live in the heat without an AC, to share a bathroom with an entire floorful of girls.

This is, of course, a theoretical statement. Practically, I love the air-conditioning, the bathrooms and electricity, the wi-fi enabled campus, the comfort. :) Also, I do realise that I've made a very broad generalisation about Indian hostels... not having lived in any, or having talked about hostel life with anyone who has, I have relied completely on the general cliches people mention when discussing college and hostels.


Anonymous said...

Um, er, congratulations for the college. And um, I feel sorry for you since you'll not be able to live through the discomforts. Uh, this is just lame.

Aishwarya said...

SMU! Congratulations!

My best friend just graduated from there, and my boyfriend's brother is about to start his final year. It's a nice place. :)

sumedha said...

Thanks. :) I hope I'll like it.