Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Use for Pink Thongs Has Been Discovered

I was in the middle of my Technology and World Change class when my Times of India epaper homepage informed me about the the Chaddi Campaign. Believe me, not bursting out in laughter in the middle of another group's presentation was very, very hard.

The Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women are hilariously cheeky, and amazingly creative. I shall try to send my newly bought hot-pink chaddis in from Singapore. So please, read about the Campaign, buy pink chaddis, and send them in!


Sumanth said...

500 Burnt Bras will be sent to Union Minister of Women, Renuka Choudhury and its radical feminist friends on 14th Feburary by Save Indian Family Foundation(SIFF) for their "Family Breaking" and anti-national activities.

These radical feminists are accused of legal terrorism by promoting misuse of dowry laws and arresting/jailing more than 1,23,000 women without investigation in last 4 years.

They are also accused of "moral policing" to deny freedom of any mother to communicate with her son once her gets married and forcing married men to throw their widowed mother to street.

Why the hell feminists used to beat up arrack/liquor seller in villages?Why there are double standards?

Liz Henry said...

Oh they're amazing! I'm going to write about them tomorrow... Thanks for the link! 8-)


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