Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Facebook it!

I know many people who, after every vacation, insist on showing me each and every picture they took. I am obliged to sit for half an hour looking at photos of people I don't even know, and to add to that, listen to the background story behind every picture! Why do people assume I'd be that interested? I mean, for my close friends and family, yes, I'll ask for the photos myself. Butwhy do people I spend next to no time with think that I'd really care enough to look at photos of them in their new house, with their new dog, with their old friends or vacationing in Shanghai?!

What people should do is put up their pictures on Facebook. That way, I can go through them if I want to, at my own pace, skipping as many as I want. This is the one actual good use of Facebook that I can see.


Anonymous said...

bitchy bitchy bitch :D

Anonymous said...

LOL... Sumedha.

"I know many people... after every vacation... looking at photos of people I don't even know."

BTW... I came across your blog via a comment.

Just to let you know - under section 294 IPC (obscene act and songs). And there's no term like the one you've stated - "obvious law"....

Sumedha said...

@Anon1: Identify yourself! :P

@Anon2: I'm glad you found my blog. And yes, I'm sure "obvious law" isn't a term... I meant that it isn't clear which law they've broken. And I doubt the "incident" could qualify as an "obscene act".