Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I need you sometimes
More than you think
I can’t always take
Mistakes that you make

We have different beliefs
We have different ideals
We want different things for the world
Why can’t you respect me?

You don’t read what I write
You don’t hear what I say
You don’t see when I’m sad
You don’t care when I’m mad

Your issues above mine
Your theories over mine
Your wants over mine
Your opinions and thoughts above mine
You over me

Don’t call me a bimbo
Don’t call me a slut
Don’t laugh it all away
It’s not always okay

I was sad in the morning
It wasn’t your doing
But I’m sad now
And it’s your doing

You mean so much to me
But I don't know if that's enough
I may not regret
But you'll be hard to forget


Anonymous said...

i like.

The short one said...