Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Steps

Concerns and desires
Dreams and ideas
Frustration and anger
Demand a better world

Where conversations don’t stutter and halt
Where friends don’t need to think twice
Where loved ones don’t move away
Where relationships don’t fray due to pride

Where friends don't lose touch
Where out of sight doesn't mean out of mind
Where love doesn't wear thin
Where people don't get left behind

Where plane tickets don’t cost so much
Where just once in four months is not the way
Where seeing someone after a year
Is just the same as after a day

Where a woman can drive late at night
And not be questioned or threatened
Where her character isn’t judged so easily
Where expectations don’t suffocate dreams

Where fat is just a word
Where straight doesn’t win over curly
Where Pepé is the same as Calvin Klein
Where pink doesn’t mean girly

Where short dresses and formal shirts come in my size
Where three neat shots don't make me puke
Where cigarettes don't kill
Where parents don't disapprove

Where my mind is clear and sure
Not so jumbled and confused
Where clarity and confidence
Replace cruel doubt and insecurity

Where libraries are huge and near
Where bookshops serve free coffee
Where there’s always time for reading a book
Where writing well is easy

Where Patrick Dempsey lives across the street
Where Grey’s Anatomy just doesn’t end
Where laziness is not so tempting
Where chocolate isn’t unhealthy

Baby steps towards a better world


The tall man said...

This is not a better world. This is a perfect world. I'm sorry but it just doesn't happen.

Do you really want a perfect world? Don't we learn from the imperfections around us and try to become better people?

Happy new year :)

Sumedha said...

It's not a perfect world. At least, it's not a perfect world for me. There's so much more that needs to change and so much that needs to be created for the world to be perfect.

The things that I mentioned are the changes I very much want to see in the world. I really want to see these happen. They won't make the world perfect, but they're steps towards a better world.

And I'm not sure whether the world should be perfect or not. We learn from a lot of things, from imperfections in us, in other people, in the world, from events and books and music. Nothing is ever perfect, is it? So while I'm not sure whether or not I want perfection, I don't expect it.

A better world I do want. And I don't think that it just doesn't happen. These changes could (and should) happen. They're not that impossible.