Friday, May 9, 2008

Woes of Fatness

The world of female shopaholics is divided very firmly into two categories- fat girls, and not-fat girls. I unfortunately belong to the former.

My main issue with my fatness (I say "fatness" because "obesity" sounds so much fatter) is not that I can almost never look good. Or that my powers of attracting guys are next to nil. Or that I'm so heavy that my future boyfriend can definitely never sweep me off my feet. My problem is clothes. I can't buy many of the shirts that I really like. Anything that is "pretty" is not available in my size, which is generally two sizes larger than XL. I can't shop at Sarojini Nagar for cheap clothes because many of them turn out to be too tight later when I try them on. And for me, finding clothes is even more traumatic because I happen to have big breasts. So the clothes that may actually be big enough to house my stomach are too tight at my chest. Most shops here apparently don't believe in making nice clothes for fat people!

I even have large feet! My foot-size is one size larger than the largest size available in markets. I can't buy wedges or pumps (which are terms I learnt recently), so I'm forced to wear the chappals that are open at the back so that my heel can stick out a little.

I am currently forced to satisfy the shopaholic in me by shopping for my friends (all of whom happen to be thin with regular-sized feet).


Aishwarya said...

Heh. This is familiar. The breasts (do you also go through hell to find bras that fit right?) the weight, the feet (mine are size 8. Pretty shoes usually go upto 7) and so on.

Actually, Sarojini Nagar is not a bad idea. The 20 rupee tank tops are not made with large breasts in mind, true, but if you hunt for some of the american export rejects they're often made keeping larger sizes in mind.

Of course, the worst thing is to go into a shop and browse the 'free size' stuff and have the shop assistant come up and tell you it won't fit you. Wtf? Do people over a certain size not exist?

Then again, as I type this I'm talking to a friend who says she has trouble finding clothes because she's too small. We have concluded that the clothing industry sucks.

(It's good to see you back! How were exams?)

sumedha said...

The only bras that I find that fit me are the ones that cost 700 rs, and I have to order them online! My feet are size 9 (Ha! I beat you!). NONE of the free size stuff ever fits me, and I really think that the assistants at stores need to be trained to be nicer when saying something won't fit you.

I'll try Sarojini again.. I bough 7 t-shirts there last time, and only one actually fit me. But I'll look again.. I don't really have a choice, anyway! :)

And you're right, the industry does suck. Unfortunately, all my friends are regular sized people with normal feet, so I don't get a lot of sympathy.

Exams were good enough, though they're not the reason why I haven't blogged recently. I'm lazy, and I didn't really have much to write about. Thanks for saying it's good to see me back, that's really nice. :)

Aishwarya said...

Marks and Spencer, 1000-ish.
Though I've recently learnt that if I buy bras which are one band size bigger and one cup size smaller from enamor (thus rs 250-ish) they don't fit too badly.

Nothing wrong with laziness! After my boards I was a vegetable for months.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you live but they have nice plus size clothing on QVC a shopping channel, Kohls, J.C. Penneys, Sears, even Wal-Mart.
I get most of my clothes from QVC.
Most of what we get in the U.S. is made in China.

sumedha said...

Anon: I live in India. Here, apparently, they don't believe in maing any plus size clothing at all. And JC Penney, Sears, and WalMart haven't opened here. :(