Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stupid Cupid

Isn't it amazing how people always seem to find girlfriends/boyfriends so easily? More specifically, isn't it amazing how they find someone they like so easily? I have been in college in Singapore for two weeks; the other Indians have been here for a little over a month. And yet, in our group of about 15 people (6 girls, 9 guys), there are already three couples. What are the chances that out of 9 guys, you'll find one you want to go out with? (I am assuming that Indians have an easier time falling for other Indians, which I do believe is true). Isn't that probability quite low?

I have only ever really liked one guy. Who didn't like me back. And who decided to completely cut me off for no apparent reason after being one of my best friends for a year. I'm not saying that my friends who are dating don't like each other. I just think it's strange (and very lucky) that they find someone they like so easily and in such little time, and who (again very luckily) happened to like them back.

Contradictory thought: After thinking a bit, I realised that it's actually not all that hard to have a "crush" on someone. Assuming that the crush is just that and nothing serious at all. I have those one-day (or somewhat longer) crushes; I have one now. So, I guess it's quite normal to find someone so quickly.


Anonymous said...

Limiting myself to only this particular observation:

More specifically, isn't it amazing how they find someone they like so easily?

People start saying they love each other/want to go out with each other very soon after they have a crush on a person (how strong that crush should be for the person to take it seriously may vary). Most people then get to know each other (or at least, a version of each other) because as a couple, they spend a lot of time together.

There are people I know who find this foolish. They think people should "love" each other before they "go out". These are very vague phrases. I am not contemptuous of them, I just think the first is defined simplistically and monogamous/androus(ly) and the second is assumed to be a result of the first.

Personally, I find both stands dissatisfying. Why? That is for some other time.

sumedha said...

Anon: You're right, how strong the crush should be for the person to take it seriously may vary, but very often, "I love you" is how people ask others out. I find the casual use of the word 'love' very irritating. No one falls in love after one week (or even a month. Or even six months, actually). When I say I think going out with someone casually (without any "love" involved) is fine, people generally stare. I think 'love' is something that happens very rarely, and actually having it reciprocated is even rarer. Yet people seem to be lucky very, very often.

Shhhh said...

I said "I love you" to this guy because we had the same (rare) opinion. I only said it casually, but I think it scared him away. Ayyo. The only one I had a chance with.