Monday, September 8, 2008

All Mine!!

Is possessiveness bad? I'm very possessive about my friends. And jealousy comes along with possessiveness, I guess. I don't like it when any of the friends I consider close (or really like), are very close to people I don't know or don't like. One of my closest friends in Singapore is very good friends with another girl whom I don't really know, and I don't like that. Another of my friends has recently found someone else he prefers to hang out with, and I don't like that either.

People always assume that I "like like" a guy if I'm possessive about him. But I think it's more natural to be possessive about friends rather than crushes. I may not like the fact that my crush likes someone else more than he likes me, but it hurts more when a friend prefers someone else to me.


harsh said...

Awww im sorry...:P Really good post though and honestly I believe that friends matter way more than "crushes".

TBS said...

Are you sure your friend prefers that someone else to you? After all, it was just one night that he didn't hang out with you, in your apartment. Think about who he has been hanging out with for the past two weeks..

"Friends are like grains of sand. Hold them too tight and you'll lose them; Hold them too loose you'll lose them."

sumedha said...
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Sumedha said...

Harsh: I TOLD you it's okay. I just had to mention it in this entry. :)

tbs: Since you clearly know me, you could tell me who you are. And ya, I can't be sure he "prefers" someone else. But it sure seems that way.

Amphethena said...

I know. A lot of my friendships dissolve if I find them getting too close with somebody else. Big mouth that I am, I too talk about others a lot when I'm with my best friends. But I like making them think they're the only ones I'm so close to when I'm on the same level with a couple of other friends.
And I know when somebody else is acting that way.
I do everything. Che.

Sumedha said...

Amp: My friendships don't dissolve because of this. I do realise that I'm being very unreasonable... my friends don't have to be just my friends. But still, I tend to back off a little bit (I think I start liking people too much too fast anyway). I get awkward and start feeling very stupid. :)

Amphethena said...

Dissolve in the sense they get weaker and gradually we become strangers. I don't end a friendship with someone consciously because s/he likes somebody else more than s/he likes me. We just drift apart.

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