Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things I Want to be Able to do..

...even if I choose not to exercise that ability.
  1. Study for 18 hours at a stretch to finish an assignment
  2. Be a fantastic writer!
  3. Play the guitar really well
  4. Sing along with the guitar
  5. Come up with interesting things to blog/write about
  6. Draw
  7. Not get jealous so easily
  8. Be close with all the people I like without offending any of them
  9. Get along with complete strangers (and by "get along", I mean being able to carry on a simple conversation without any long ankward pauses)
  10. Be one of those rare few students who manage to maintain a 3.8 GPA without cutting off their social life


Amphethena said...

I can't study for 8 minutes at a stretch. I'm surprised I've come this far.
I'm close to playing (one song on) the guitar really well. Yay!
If people you're close to get offended when you don't mean to offend them, they're probably not close enough.
And I know what you mean about awkward pauses. I went out (on a blind date) with this guy and I had to resort to stupidity to avoid the awkwardness.
Those rare students either have photographic memory or don't sleep.

Sumedha said...

I'm getting nowhere at all in any of the things I want. Right now, I'd settle for losing the awkward pauses.. they're really getting in the way with this guy I'm attempting to flirt with!

~ said...

Whose the guy?