Monday, October 13, 2008

There And Back Again

I went home to Delhi last week, and I returned to Singapore today afternoon. Neither going home, nor coming back have been as I had thought they would.

Home was a little exhausting. My mother and I are close: I was at home for most of this year, since my school gave us study leave in January, and I spent all of that time with my mum. My mother is a very emotional person. So, talks of me leaving home and how much she misses me happen frequently. And they make me uncomfortable. Although I do think I'm a fairly emotional person, I don't display it very much. I prefer to cry alone than on the shoulder of a friend, I prefer to write about things that bother me than to talk about them. So, home was a little exhausting.

Besides, last week, I had a lot of idle time to think. And I finally accepted to myself that what I'm doing in college is not what I want to be doing. I'm not studying (at all), I'm being very, very lazy, and I'm breaking all the promises I made to myself before I started college. I'm a very lazy person, and I hate that about myself. I stopped singing simply because I didn't like my teacher and was too lazy to find a new one, and now, I've lost most of the skills and talent that I had. In school, I didn't participate in many activities, promising myself that I would be more outgoing and active in college, but here again, I'm making excuses for myself to not go for the clubs I joined. I promised myself that I would do very well academically, another thing I didn't do in school, but again, I'm trying to get out of project meetings, not listening in class, behaving very irresponsibly. Not only am I not working, I'm even constantly badgering my friends who are working. And all this introspection, healthy though it may be, makes me panic, which is very exhausting.

Coming back to Singapore was just a little bit of an anti-climax, I guess. I was looking forward to coming back, and I know I tend to build things up in my head, imagine situations, what I would say, what my friends would say, so I should have expected this. I know I was only gone for a week; nothing amazing is supposed to happen when I come back. I just wanted it to.


Amphethena said...

Gosh, starting from "Besides, ..", that seems like me talking.
Hey, bring me some shampoo from Singapore ;-)

Supp said...

I would like to say that being a person who doesn't display emotion frequently is alright, and is not necessarily a bad thing. Though you should start studying more, just simply so that your friends who are studying feel better.

P.S. I think you were stupid to give up singing.
P.P.S. I agree with the fact that you constantly badger your friends who are trying to work :P

Sumedha said...

@supp: I know it's not a bad thing to not display emotion... that's not what I said. It's just different from my mum. And anyway, I do sometimes call a friend when I want to cry.

And yes, I am studying more now, so you can fell all better. And the "reason" I gave you for not singing in front of you is different. And I promise to stop badgering you. :)