Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Can I Say?!

I've lived in IIT all my life, first in Kanpur, then in Delhi. My father is an alumnus and a professor. So, I tend to take comments and discussions about IIT a little defensively, even though I'm not actually part of the instituion. But this is un-defendable. I came across it yesterday, and it I'm very glad to see that it's had a quite an impact.... there are many blogs talking [ranting] about it.

I don't have anything new or highly creative to say about this, so read this and this and this. They say everything I want to. I'm just glad I was in class when I first came saw the link, because I would have definitely shouted at someone if I didn't have time to cool down first.

PANIIT did change the programme a little bit. But, as Abi says, small mercies indeed.


subhadip majumdar said...

Just love your blogs..they are great..simple and touchy..
if u can share ur comments on my blog on my collection of piesces..

Sumedha said...

Thanks subhadip. I shall add your blog to the list of blogs I visit often. :)

Anonymous said...

Could you help me, please?