Thursday, September 30, 2010

How Does That Happen?

From all the time to once a week,
From meetings to emails,
From calls to texts,
How does that happen?

From so close to secretive,
From acceptance to accusations,
From forgiveness to bitterness,
How does that happen?

From understand to confusion,
From laughter to silence,
From sureness to jealousy,
How does that happen?

From love to indifference,
From caring to convenience,
From best friends to acquaintances,
How does that happen?


Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to say it's the natural progression most relationships follow.

Sumedha said...

I don't think that's true. Things always change, so relationships change. They don't necessarily deteriorate into indifference and bitterness.

Anonymous said...

It happens over time. Issues we call frivolous and petty sometimes leads to indifference between friends.