Friday, October 1, 2010

Three Years, Countless Calories

Instant noodles, strong coffee,
Bread-and-cheese, flat Coke,
Midnight ice-cream tubs, soupy Maggi,
Readymade pasta sauce, packets of chips.

MTR Indian food, microwaved sweet corn,
Icy water, expired milk, old cereal,
Thai food, frozen cheesecake on sale,
Bars of chocolate, M&M packets.

Spicy potatoes with too much haldi,
Chola from cans, frozen parathas,
Baked-beans-on-bread, scrambled eggs,
A lot more Maggi.

Coke with JD, orange juice with vodka,
Salt and lime, tequila shots,
Frozen margharitas with stolen tequila,
Coke with Old Monk, surreptitious cigarettes.

What college tastes like.

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