Saturday, December 22, 2007


Is being very attached to one person healthy?

I have a friend who I really like. And I think may just like her too much for it o be good for me. We're really good friends, but I think the problem is that here, in Delhi, she is my only close friend. I don't like going to school, or to a party if I know she won't be there, and she is amazing at making a dull day better. But the problem is she's moving to Australia in four months, and we may never meet again. And I don't really believe that you can be good friends with someone who lives so far away... we'll have very different lives, and money matters won't make it possible for us to talk on the phone much.

I don't want to try o back off and lessen the bond, because that will probably hurt more than her moving away. But I know that I am a little too fond of her. The worst thing is, I don't think she likes me as much as I like her. I was just thinking.. is it okay to be very attached to one person? This has happened before to me too, and it has never ended well. I always end up hurting (yes, I know this is very dramatic, but I am listening to the Doors right now, and writing while trying to concentrate on the music is hard).

So, is being very attached to one person healthy?


Shreya said...

well i guess its scary but keeps happenning all the time. I as a matter of fact suffer a very acute case of this.
Don't worry too much *wise expression* time will tell */wise expression over*

sumedha said...

I wish not thinking about it would help. Actuially, it does. But it's so depressing... I have two very close friends, one of whom is going to Australia, and the other to the US. sigh...

I don't want to have to replace old friends with new ones.