Sunday, December 23, 2007

Late Nights

What is it about staying up all night that is so exciting? These days, I never sleep before 3am, and I love staying up so late! And it's not like I'm doing anything very special... I either do absolutely nothing online, or talk on the phone for 3 hours like I did the night before last. It's just so much fun. Being able to stay up late (and obviously, wake up even later the next morning) is one of the prime reasons why I'm so glad school is finally over!


Shobha said...
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Shobha said...

Hi Sumedha...You can go ahead and add a link. No probs :) I'm all envious reading this post of yours....Damn, I so miss being lukha during my college life.... Sigh!

kpowerinfinity said...

It's great fun. Esp. if you can find maggi and chai in the middle of the night. But nightouts with a gang are far more fun!

sumedha said...

@shobha: Great, thanks. Shall add you as soon as I figure out how. :)

@kpower: At last! A fellow maggi-at-midnight fan! No one else seems to appreciate the fact that maggi tastes so much better when eaten late at night. Especially my mother. :)
And alas, I haven't had any night outs with friends yet... in college, when I get there, I will!!!!!

thecrusader said...

wow,thats almost like hearing what we did entire college days...hostel party,nite-outs,maggie at 2 and even cricket or baddie for hours under lights....there is a stupid charm in doing that...something that u can..but tough to explain
...cudn't resist sharing this....hey,i'm new to bloggin....jus begun!!